Payment Gateway

If you have a business that sell goods and services online, we can help accelerate your revenues with our online payment gateway integration service. A payment gateway, in essence, is an e-commerce service that authorizes debit card, credit card, online bank payments for e-businesses on the merchant’s behalf through secure Internet connections. Payment Gateway Integration, though it may sound very simple but actually the entire work is stepped comprises of multiple complex working models. Venomweb Studios is actively engaged in payment gateway integration process in india, uk, usa, asia or rajasthan. We at Venomweb are capable of integrating Paypal, CCAvenue, PayU, DirecPay,EBS, Citrus Pay and many more Payment Gateways with ease.

Choosing the right payment gateway

Choosing the payment gateway solution for your business can often determine whether or not your online store is successful. If payment gateway on your online store are not optimally set up, you could lose a lot of orders through sales drop offs by unsatisfied customers or end up spending a lot of money on transaction fees and costs.

While you make a decision about which payment gateway to use, some questions to guide you in the decision making process include:

  • 1. How much does the service cost?
  • 2. Is the payment gateway is available for online store owners in your country?
  • 3. Does the payment gateway require you to have a merchant account?
  • Whichever payment gateway you choose, be sure to evaluate the various pricing options each company provides to ensure that they work for the revenue and profit projections that you have set for your online store. If you are confused in choosing Payment Gateway, Venomweb studios provide free consultancy service regarding payment gateway.